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Areas of Practice

Aesthetic Medicine

How we feel about our appearance is a large part of our overall health status. Dr. Krista provides dermal fillers and Botox (botulinum a toxin) injections to help with facial contouring and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. She also offers aesthetic PRP, including microneedling of the face, decolletage, and hands. PRP hair restoration is also something she offers to help improve and reduce hair loss. As well, she provides medically assisted weight loss plans tailored to your goals and needs.

Women's Health

Dr. Krista wants women to be heard in their health concerns. She provides a safe place for women to come and discuss everything from period cramps, to fertility struggles, to low libido. Don't suffer with PCOS, PMS, endometriosis or other hormonal issues any longer!

Pain Management

While pain may be a necessity to survive and evolve, Dr. Krista does not believe it is necessary to experience chronically. She utilizes treatment options such as prolotherapy, neural therapy, acupuncture, physical medicine, supplements, customized IV therapy, nutrition, and more.

Primary Care

Primary care is about investigating through questioning, active listening, lab work, and focused physical exams. As a primary care provider Dr. Krista spends up to an hour on an initial visit alone and is constantly striving to accurately diagnose and identify the causes of the problem.

Dr. Krista's Approach

As a licensed naturopathic physician in BC Dr. Krista Hennigar takes pride in providing exceptional medical care to her patients. She believes in treating each patient uniquely and strives to customize treatments towards the goals and needs of each patient. Dr. Krista strives to meet patients where they are while helping identify and treat obstacles to optimal health.

When it comes to women's health Dr. Krista takes a special interest in helping those with PCOS, PMS, menopause, and fertility concerns. She believes in the importance of optimizing hormone levels in order to optimize a woman's quality of life.

Dr. Krista's goal is to reduce and remove any stigmas that are attached to aesthetic medicine. She works with patients to lessen insecurities and accentuate their assets. Dr. Krista doesn't see a difference between patients getting their hair done every 3 months versus getting wrinkle reduction every three months. Her approach is never to fully change what makes you you, but instead help you regain the confidence in yourself. How you feel about your appearance is a key aspect of your mental health.

Dr. Krista also ​recognizes the immense need for primary care in BC. She utilizes objective lab testing to aid in her assessments, along with a thorough intake and any necessary physical exams. She also utilizes her training in pharmaceuticals and isn't afraid to use prescriptions as needed in a primary care setting.

My Approach
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